Lombardi’s Fine Dining in Middle Island, New York

Tradizione. That’s a fine Italian word that means tradition. Lombardi’s stands for the finest in Neapolitan Cuisine. From your very first course to the cappuccino, a visit to Lombardi’s takes you to the finest restaurants in Naples.

Una cena senza vino e come un giorno senza sole

Antipasti (Appetizers)Zuppe (Soup)PastaPesce (Fish)Vittelo (Veal)Pollo (Poultry)
Italian SpecialtiesExtra on Side Orders of PastaSide DishesVerdure (Vegetables)
Childrens MenuDolci (Desserts)Brick Oven Pizza


Anitpasti – (Appetizers)

Angel Hair with Crabmeat 12.95

Shrimp Cocktail (4 jumbos) 13.95

Cold Antipasto for One 9.95

Baked Clams (1/2 dozen) 8.75

Hot Antipasto for One 9.95

Hot Antipasto for Two 18.95

Clams Casino 8.95

Fettuccine Alfredo 8.95

Eggplant Rollatine 8.75

Fresh Mozzarella & Sun Dried Tomato 9.95

Broccoli Rabe and Sausage 8.95

Tripe Marinara 9.95

Scungilli Salad 14.50

Mozzarella Sticks 7.95

Insalata di Pesce for 2 (fish salad) 28.00

Provolone, Salami & Olives 7.95

Mussels Marinara 8.95

Mussels with garlic butter & white wine 8.95

Clams Posellipo 9.95

Fried Calamari with hot sauce 8.95

Stuffed Mushrooms 8.95

Rigatoni Pesto cream sauce 8.95



Zuppe – (Soup)

Insalata – (Salad)


Caesar Salad 7.50


Arugola & Tomato 7.50

Pasta Fagioli 6.95


Minestrone 6.95


Tortellini in Brodo 6.95
cheese tortellini in chicken broth




Served with Italian Salad

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce 13.95

with Meat Sauce 13.95

with Sausage (2) 13.95

with Butter Sauce 12.95

Spaghetti Carbonara 14.95

Fettuccine Alfredo 14.95

Fettuccine Ortolana 16.95

Rigatoni Vodka 15.95

Rigatoni with Broccoli Rabe 17.95

Rigatoni Vittorio 17.95
pork & peas in a tomato cream sauce

Rigatoni Lombardi 17.95
bacon and roasted peppers in pomodoro sauce

Rigatoni Martino 17.95
tossed with grilled chicken, sautéed
mushrooms & sundried tomatoes in
our tomato cream sauce

Rigatoni Nicola 16.95
pancetta, bacon, mushrooms, onions,
& peas with red sauce, brown demi
glaze and cream

Stuffed Shells 14.00

Baked Ziti Parmigiana 14.00

Ravioli (cheese) 14.50

Baked Ravioli 14.50

Baked Manicotti Parmigiana 13.95

Baked Gnocchi Parmigiana 14.95

Baked Lasagna Al Forno 14.95

Linguini 14.95
with White Clams Sauce (fresh)

with Red Clam Sauce 14.95

with White Shrimp Sauce 16.95

with Red Shrimp Sauce 16.95

with Combo of Shrimp & Clams 17.95
(white or red sauce)

Linguini Puttanesca 15.95
marinara sauce base, capers, gaeta
olives & anchovies

Cavatelli 14.95
with tomato sauce or pesto sauce

Tortellini Alfredo with cream sauce 14.95

Tortellini Paverotti 17.95
shrimp & mushrooms in cream sauce

Farfelle with Grilled Chicken 16.95
broccoli, garlic & oil

Farfalle with Chicken 16.95
in a creamy pesto & sundried
tomato sauce

Baked Penne alla Marino 15.95
ricotta, eggplant & pork under a
mantel of mozzarella

Angel Hair Pasta 17.95
sun-dried tomato, mushrooms & pork
in cream sauce

Pasta Primavera 16.95
garden fresh vegetable in a pink, red
or white sauce

Lobster Ravioli 21.95
ravioli stuffed with tender Maine
lobster in a white wine cream sauce
with diced tomatoes

Farfalle with Chicken in a creamy pesto 16.95
& sundried tomato sauce


Our Homemade Tomato Sauce is Available to Take Home.



Lombardi’s Special Zuppa Di Pesce 33.95
Clams, Lobster Tail, Shrimp, Mussels, Scungilli and Calamari
Served with Linguine Alla Marinara and Salad (Hot or Mild)
Lombardi’s Special 24.95
Clams, Shrimp and Mussels over
Linguine Alla Marinara with Salad



Pesce – (Fish)

File of Sole Livornese 21.95
poached with capers, anchovies & olives in
tomato sauce

Shrimp Scampi 21.95

Shrimp Francese 21.95

Shrimp Alla Lombardi 21.95

Shrimp Oreganata 21.95

Tilapia Oreganata 21.95
tilapia filets dredged in oreganata bread
crumbs with garlic & oil sauce

Shrimp Alla Fra Diavolo 21.95

Shrimp Parmigiana (plain or breaded) 21.95

Frittata di Pesce pan fried fish platter 26.95
shrimp, calamari & fish of the day Dorati

Shell Steak & Lobster Tail 44.95

Linguini Marechiare with shrimp, 19.95
mussels & clams in light tomato sauce

Calamari Bianco with anchovie sauce 19.95

Mussels Posillipo 19.95

Clams & Mussels Posillipo 21.95

Scungilli Alla Marinara 22.95
with hot or mild sauce

Twin Lobster Tails Fra Diavolo 44.95
or boiled

Fresh Filet of Sole Francese 20.95

Broiled File of Sole 19.95

Fried Calamari 19.95

Calamari Alla Marinara 19.95

Calamari & Scungilli Combo 21.95
with marinara sauce

Grilled Salmon always fresh, grilled & 22.95
finished with the Chef’s sauce of the day


All Seafood Dishes serviced with choice of Salad or Pasta or French Fries



Vittelo – (Veal)

Veal Scaloppine Reale Alla Lombardi 22.95

Veal Cutlet Parmigiana 18.95

Veal Cutlet Milanese breaded veal 18.95
served with a wedge of lemon or in sauce

Veal Cutlet & Peppers Parmigiana 18.95

Veal Scaloppine Pizzaiola 21.95

Veal Scaloppine Alla Francese 21.95
milk fed veal dipped in egg, sautéed in
lemon butter & wine sauce

Veal Scalopppine & Peppers 21.95

Veal Scaloppine Alla Marsala 21.95
veal & mushrooms sautéed together
in a wine sauce

Veal Scoloppine & Mushrooms 21.95

Veal Piccata lemon & butter sauce 21.95
with capers & hearts of artichokes

Veal Sorrentino veal topped with 21.95
prosciutto, eggplant & cheese sautéed
in wine & mushrooms

Veal Saltimbocca Alla Romanao 21.95
prosciutto & hearts of artichokes

Veal & Shrimp Scaloppine Francese 22.95
lemon & butter sauce

All Veal Dishes served with choice of Salad, Pasta or French Fries



Pollo – (Poultry)

Breast of Chicken Piccata sautéed in 17.95
white sine, lemon & artichoke

Boneless Breast of Chicken Parmigiana 17.95

Boneless Breast of Chicken 17.95
Alla Francese

Chicken Breast Sorrentino 18.95
chicken topped with prosciutto,
eggplant & cheese, sautéed with wine &

Chicken Breast Alla Lombardi 17.95

Boneless Breast of Chicken 17.95
Alla Marsala

Boneless Chicken Scarpariello 17.95

Chicken Rollatine Marsala 19.95
with cheese, prosciutto & mushrooms

Chicken Zinghera 18.95
boneless breast of chicken sautéed with
garlic, white wine, pimento & ham

All Poultry Dishes served with choice of Salad, Pasta, or French Fries



Italian Specialties

Pork Chops 19.50
with hot cherry peppers & potatoes

* Broiled Shell Steak (1 lb.) 26.95
Eggplant Rollatine 15.95

* Steak Alla Pizzaiola (1 lb.) 27.95

Hot Sausage & Peppers 16.95

Broccoli de Rabe & Sausage 17.95

Beef Braciola Quando Che Ce 21.95
“Very Special”

Pork Cutlet Parmigiana 17.95

Pork Chops Pizzaiola 19.50

Sausage Alla Contadino 17.95

Pork Chops with peppers & onions 19.95
Tripe al Filetto


Eggplant Parmigiana 16.95
All Italian Specialties include Salad & Pasta

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, or fresh shell eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness,
especially if you have certain medical conditions. These menu items can be cooked to your liking.



Extra on Side Orders of Pasta

Meat Sauce 4.95

Clam Sauce 6.50

Garlic e Oil 3.95

Marinara Sauce 3.95

Alfredo Sauce 6.95

Pesto Sauce 6.95

Filetto di Pomodoro Sauce 6.95

Vodka Sauce 6.95


Anchovies & Garlic Sauce 6.95



Side Dishes

French Fries 3.00

Meatballs (2) 5.50
Sausages (2) 5.50

Garlic Bread Always Complimentary



Verdure – (Vegetables)

Broccoli Saute 7.95

Broccoli Parmigiana 7.95

Zucchini (breaded and fried) 7.95

Broccoli Rabe (in season) 8.95

Escarole with Oil, Garlic and Cannellini Beans 7.95



Children’s Menu – (Under 12)

Ravioli with meatball 9.95

Chicken Parmigiana 9.95

Veal Cutlet Parmigiana & Spaghetti 9.95

Baked Ziti 9.95

Spaghetti or Ziti with meatballs or sausage 9.95



Dolci – (Desserts)

Ask your waiter about our Special Desserts



Spaghetti or Ziti with meatballs or sausage 9.95



Brick Oven Pizza

Margherita tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil & fresh whole milk mozzarella 14.00
Proscuitto 17.00 Portobello 17.00  


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